Build Your Smart Kitchen with These 5 Essential Appliances

Are you planning to design a kitchen or contemplating a new kitchen design for your home space? When it comes to kitchen planning and design, making a good plan and being able to visualize your ideas is important.

The kitchen is one of the most important places in the house. Currently, the unremitting technical development that kitchen appliances have been going through, from the old-style grinders to mixer grinder to a food processor and from the novel griddle (Tava) to a smart and effective roti maker has made cooking an stimulating task. There is a vast list of smart kitchen machines which you could contain in your pantry then there are some must-haves which you can't do without in the kitchen.

Here is a list of few small yet vital smart kitchen applications; a smart kitchen must have in order to make the simple cooking a truly fascinating one.


It goes without saying; any modern-day kitchen is incomplete without a decent food processor.  These days’ multi-tasking electronic device works similarly as a blender generally comes with multiple attachments. The attachments let the gadget to perform various task including grating, chopping, mixing etc. You kitchen certainly is imperfect without this smart kitchen applications.

There are few important things to consider while buying a food processor are:-

  • The material used for making the body eg. Metal, Plastic or Porcelain
  • Additional number and sizes of attachments accessible
  • The food processor with multipurpose blades is the best choice

Any modern kitchen appliance must own a decent food processor. It makes the life easier. If you cook daily then it’s a must-have.


If you like to experiment with food then a sandwich griller and toaster are a boon for all sandwiches fans. It simply saves a lot of time and offers a new variety of sandwiches and helps you get the delicious breakfast in an Indian household. The size of the sandwich maker is one the most important factor to look into before buying any toaster.


As the name suggests, air fryer doesn’t fry anything, since frying means is not healthy. Most health lovers love to invest in air fryer.  It decreases the fat in your fried food so that you can have delicious fried food deprived of any health matters. Air fryers have made inroads to most of the families now changing kitchens into modern kitchens.


Are you tired of doing dishes? Here’s why you need to have a dishwasher in your kitchen. The dishwasher simply operates on the principle of washing machines.

All you need is to load your dirty dishes, add cleanser, set the chosen washing cycle and you’re on. The rest is worked by the dishwasher. This is one of the best kitchen appliances wanted by almost everybody. However, there are few tips to be kept in mind while buying a dishwasher which is as follows.

Dishwashers are accessible in a number of shapes and sizes in the market. The buyer wants to choose cleverly as per the need of his/ her household. The normal size is 24” dishwasher; however, 18” washers are also obtainable for the use of students and single person use.


If you love to have variety in your meals then this could be your best pick.  So, a soup maker is essential in the modern kitchen. Enjoy healthy soup options in your kitchen. You can make soup with your choice of ingredients and have super healthy meals before your main course.


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